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It wasn't until I was a grown woman that I understood the full effects of growing up in a household with smokers. As a child, my parents and grandparents didn't know the dangers of secondhand smoke, and they smoked inside during winter and in the car with the windows rolled up. A few years after living on my own, I suddenly developed terrible seasonal allergies and, eventually, allergy-induced asthma. Even though I have avoided cigarette smoke at all costs, I live with the damage that was done to my lungs, and the rest of my body, as a child. My four children have all had to receive asthma-related treatments from the time they were very young. After my oldest child was hospitalized at the age of 4 for a severe asthma attack, I found out that my exposure to secondhand smoke could have contributed to their asthma because the toxins I was exposed to may have affected the health of my eggs prior to fertilization. We can't dismiss the importance of limiting everyone's exposure to secondhand smoke. Don't continue to allow future generations to be at risk. We know the dangers. We have seen the results. Let's reverse the course and provide our children and their children with a better future than that.
Christiane Erwin

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Whatever your experience is with secondhand smoke or the illness related to smoking, we want to hear it and share it with others on our website and in our advocacy efforts to make smoke-free workplaces a reality in Texas.

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