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It is my choice and the choice of my wife and son to bowl at copperfield bowling alley northwest of houston. This is outside the city limits so they are not controlled by houston no smoking laws. To cut to the chase... The smoke is so heavy in the bowling alley that your clothes and hair and body have extemely strong odor of smoke. Everyone i talk to that doesnt smoke has ill effects the next day or two from the second hand smoke there. Some people that smoke have a cigarette burning continuously and i have see some people carry in 2 packs of cigarettes. We bowl there because of the friends and convenience of location and other factors. It is a shame that we may have to give up this part of our life due to the danger that is imposed on our lungs etc. I have headaches the next day and my voice sounds raspy and hoarse the day after i bowl. Why couldnt the smokers go to the enclosed bar area or use one of the meeting rooms to destroy your lungs and shorten your life instead of dragging innocent people with them. When a smoker overhears non smokers talking about the possible new HB400 act, they act as if you are insulting them. It has been 24 hours since i have been at the bowling alley and i am still coughing and have a headache from the smoke.
dale mcmullen

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