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I fought on the coalition for a Smoke Free San Antonio for 9 years and we finally won! We not only won that I can go back to my favorite dancing clubs and not go home hoarse, smelling like smoke and get bronchitis over and over. It has given me my happiness back to dance again and be sick free! My son is an asthmatic and now has a smokefree environment to work in and he loves to go dancing in the younger nightclubs with the same benefits - smokefree to breathe. When you can't breathe nothing else matters. Let's make Texas Smokefree once and for all!!!! What are we waiting for???Kristy S from San Antonio, Texas
Kristy Sommers

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Whatever your experience is with secondhand smoke or the illness related to smoking, we want to hear it and share it with others on our website and in our advocacy efforts to make smoke-free workplaces a reality in Texas.

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