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My name is Dennis McMullan and I am an EX SMOKER after 36 years. Hallelujiah! I have been hospitalized twice during my life time for pneumonia and then recently undergoing open heart surgery requiring a 4 artery bypass. While I did not have a heart attack my team of doctors told me that had I gone much longer than 6 months to a year I would not have lived to make it to the hospital. I am so thankful I gave the habit up. Today the smell of tobacco makes me sick. Having spoken with other EX Smokers, the thought is there, and will probably always will be. But the desire is gone. If You smoke.... Please STOP!.... It is not easy. But you can. I DID!
Dennis McMullan

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Whatever your experience is with secondhand smoke or the illness related to smoking, we want to hear it and share it with others on our website and in our advocacy efforts to make smoke-free workplaces a reality in Texas.

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