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Smoking ban and all that it saves

NEWS ARTICLE: Editorial: Austin American-Statesman, June 6, 2011

Having killed a ban on smoking in indoor public places statewide during the regular session, Texas legislators have an opportunity to get it right in the special session. They ought to take it.

The legislation is supported by a growing public intolerance of indoor smoking in public places and a mountain of scientific evidence on the hazards of secondhand smoke...

Texas House attempts new smoking ban: But 'niche' businesses resist rejuvenated bill

NEWS ARTICLE: Houston Chronicle, June 5, 2011

AUSTIN — Banning smoking in public places may save $30 million a year in Medicaid costs and more than $200 million a year in overall health care expenses, experts told a Texas legislative committee Saturday...

Texas Lawmakers to Again Consider a Statewide Smoke-Free Law

NEWS RELEASE: June 3, 2011

The following statement can be attributed to Melinda Little, co-chair for Smoke-Free Texas:

“We are thrilled to have another opportunity to pass a statewide smoke-free law to eliminate smoking inside restaurants and bars, proposed in House Bill 46. The bill filed by Rep. Myra Crownover will be heard June 4 in a special session hearing in the House Committee on Appropriations. This legislation would save thousands of lives and millions of dollars for Texas taxpayers, including $31 million in Medicaid savings and millions more in health care costs, worker productivity, maintenance and other direct and indirect costs of secondhand smoke...

Smoke-Free Texas Coalition Reacts to SB 1811; Launches Effort to Secure Passage of Smoke-Free Workplace Legislation in 2013

NEWS RELEASE: May 28, 2011

“We appreciate the persistent efforts of legislators from both parties who have remained dedicated to passing smoke-free workplace legislation, especially the bill sponsors and long-time champions, Rep. Myra Crownover (R-Denton) and Sen. Rodney Ellis (D-Houston).  Today is the first day of our 2013 Legislative Campaign: We are unrelenting in our determination to pass a comprehensive smoke-free indoor workplace law to protect employees and all Texans from harm...

Coalition Releases Video to Highlight Support for Smoke-Free Workplace Law

NEWS RELEASE: May 26, 2011

AUSTIN – As the Texas Legislature approaches the final days of the 82nd Regular Session, the Smoke-Free Texas Coalition released a new video today entitled “SMOKE-FREE TEXAS: Saves money. Saves lives.” that highlights the benefits of a smoke-free law for Texans and the strong support for this legislation among numerous organizations, business groups, musicians, faith leaders and everyday Texans across the political spectrum.

Ban smoking indoors

NEWS ARTICLE: Letter-to-the-Editor: Amarillo Globe-News, May 25, 2011

I fully support the legislation in the Texas Legislature, which proposes a comprehensive statewide smoke-free indoor workplace law. This legislation would protect all Texans from the harmful and deadly effects of secondhand smoke.

While smoking is an individual decision, there is an individual right of employees and customers not to be harmed by the secondhand smoke of others...

Texas smoking ban idea now tied to treating sick

NEWS ARTICLE: Associated Press, May 23, 2011

AUSTIN, Texas (AP) — After years of losing efforts to ban smoking in Texas public places, supporters may have found their winning move.

In a legislative session dominated by searing debates over a strained state budget, a provision banning smoking in most bars and restaurants has been tucked neatly into a critical spending bill...

Smoking ban advances

NEWS ARTICLE: Amarillo Globe-News, May 22, 2011
AUSTIN - It is not a done deal, but a statewide smoking ban in public places has a good chance of becoming law.

And if it happens, few people outside the Texas Legislature would be happier than Amit Bushan of Lubbock.

In late 2000, the then-sixth grader at All Saints Episcopal School, sparked a campaign that ended with Lubbock becoming bone of the first cities in the state to ban smoking in public places...

Eyes on legislative actions

NEWS ARTICLE: Letter-to-the-Editor: Houston Chronicle, May 21, 2011


Regarding "Despite wide support, bid to ban smoking is flagging" (Page B9, May 12), it amazes me that state senators do not listen to the will of the people. A statewide poll by Baselice and Associates stated that 70 percent of Texans want a statewide law that prohibits smoking in all indoor workplaces...

Texas House Passes Amendment to Senate Bill 1811 to Eliminate Smoking in Bars and Restaurants

NEWS RELEASE: May 20, 2011

AUSTIN – The Texas House of Representatives by a vote of 73-66 passed an amendment tonight to SB 1811 - the Fiscal Matters bill - that was projected to save $31 million in taxpayer dollars for the 2012-2013 biennium as introduced by eliminating the Medicaid costs that result from exposure to secondhand smoke in bars and restaurants... 

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